Alexa, What’s the subject’s market value?

Discussions about the “rise of the machines,” Terminator style, is often discussed in the commercial real estate valuation vertical. Artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing are the perceived cyborg killing machine (of your revenue) of the future. Be not afraid. The world’s savior is not Sarah Connor, but yourself.

Zig Ziglar’s book Top Performance, references human engineer Cavett Robert who concluded that 15% of the reason you have a job is due to your technical skills and knowledge, regardless of the profession. That leaves a huge 85% of the reason you have a job is your people skills and people knowledge. What? That’s crazy. USPAP doesn’t mention the 85% stuff at all.

How you use technology to make your clients successful will be your best weapon against the Terminator. Fighting Schwarzenegger with a “copy and paste attitude” will get you crushed. Comedian John Oliver offers sage advice, “Some jobs are in the high-risk category of being automated. A job automated is not necessarily a job lost, frequently machines do not replace jobs so much as tasks.”

Digging further, it becomes crucial to have specialized education on how we manage ourselves and leadership skills to maximize others. Developing excellence in yourself and others provides training and inspiration to result in real productivity, regardless of future technology, producing leaders rather than appraiser followers.

I’m no Miss Cleo, but I believe building a foundation of trust is integral to your future success regardless of algorithms. This trust foundation is significant to your clients and your employees, since the loss of either is very expensive. The ingredients include character, values, integrity and trust. Creativity pulls everything together.

Some appraisers have apprehension to selling, viewing it as unprofessional. Without sales, commercial appraisers will have a relentless android killer eroding their revenue. The future dictates a cyborg-focus on selling and customer service as an avenue to uncover meaningful solutions for your clients. In the end, we all want repeat business. Investing in yourself (and technology rather than fear it) hopefully will make your clients happy when you say, “I’ll be back.”