The universe according to Bill Murray

Who hasn’t been on a golf course and quoted Caddyshack? “He’s a Cinderella story, former assistant groundskeeper about to become the Masters champion, it’s in the hole!” Gavin Edwards is the author of The Tao of Bill Murray: Real-life Stories of Joy, Enlightenment and Party Crashing.

Tao is the Chinese philosophy of the universe reflecting a code of behavior harmonious with the natural order. Bill has 10 guiding principles that may provide joy and enlightenment to your business and personal life.

No. 1 Objects are opportunities.

For your commercial appraisal firm, look at your office space, hardware and software in your office. Are they driving revenue to your maximum benefit?

No. 2 Surprise is golden. Randomness is lobster.

Surprise your office (and yourself), get an entrepreneurial attitude.

No. 3 Invite yourself to the party.

Show up to networking events. Ask to be a speaker. Communicate to your clients and staff. It’s fun.

No. 4 Make sure everybody else is invited to the party.

Leverage and identify proper placement of your in-house talent. Is everybody in the right seat on your (business) bus?

No. 5 Music makes the people come together.

Create an office culture which fosters Principles No. 3 and 4.

No. 6 Drop coin on the world.

Open up your wallet and actually spend money on (informal) business education and technology. Consider a business coach.

No. 7 Be persistent, be persistent, be persistent.

Set new goals for your commercial appraisal firm. Be patient. Then be persistent for the long term.

No. 8 Know your pleasures and their parameters.

What’s your reward system for working so hard? Know it, go get it.

No. 9 Your spirit will follow your body.

Give energy to your commercial appraisal career, business and industry. Make appraising fun again.

No. 10 While the earth spins, make yourself useful.

Do stuff. Be successful. Give back.

Think of ways to maximize the effectiveness of you and your appraisal firm. No. 7 is my favorite. Your success will expand out into the universe including your family, employees, their families and friends. Bill gets Zen, “The secret is to have a sense of yourself, your real self, your unique self. Be available for life to happen.” Be more like Bill.