Peel Your Onion

Do you really know what your clients want? Do you really? We know the obvious product we provide; the outer layer of the business onion. It’s understanding your business onion core, the experience, to achieve hockey stick revenue. Uber is illustrative. On the onion outside, Uber gets people from Point A to B. Digging further to the core, the Uber customer really wants convenient on-demand transportation. They don’t want a car (too costly), taxi (waving your arms around hoping) or public transportation (too slow and “public”). Uber brings the experience with their intuitive app.

The business success mojo is knowing the real essence of what your client wants. Determine this, and you will experience a transcendent state. Channel your inner OCD and repeatedly ask: what does my client want, what does my client want, what does my client want? It’s only through voracious questioning that you will find true answers.

As a valuation professional, it takes more than “just providing appraisals.” As you get closer to the core, you might provide additional services such as consulting, expert witness, tax appeals or whatever. But you’re not to the center yet.

What experience might a valuation professional client really want? Probably:

  1. Trust
  2. Professionalism
  3. Consultative Communication
  4. Productivity Technology
  5. Relevant and Informative Content

At your business onion core, appraisal clients want to trust you, talk to you and get their product quickly. They don’t care about the effort it took to make the appraisal. It should be an ego-less experience, no whining or defensiveness, analogous to an obnoxious old-school New York taxi driver.

Think of every touch point with your clients: your accessibility, bidding experience, professionalism and dress at inspections, consultative communication dealing with questions, timely report delivery with technology and report content that aligns with client expectations. Does your website communicate the desired experience? From beginning to end of the appraisal process, are you more like Uber or a taxi? Peel your onion.