Remember tomorrow

Sitting three feet away from entrepreneur Jesse Itzler as he gave a speech to the CEO Council of Tampa Bay, I could feel his energy. It might’ve been his 100 decibel (Boeing 707 at take-off), enthusiastic speaking style encouraging the group to live beyond our day-to-day rut, moving past living at only 80% of our potential. I think he was still high from his ultra-marathon, 23 ½ hours of running 100 miles a couple of days prior to the meeting.

He often mentioned, “remember tomorrow.” As you make decisions in the present, know that it will impact tomorrow. It can be a professional decision like not investing in your commercial appraisal firm. If you decide not to fully implement appraisal productivity in your office, tomorrow (next week, next month and next year) will be unproductive. Remember tomorrow.

He also asked the question; how do we make “our brownies different?” This was Jesse’s comment about how he made his companies unique, “out-service everyone else.” I think the answer for appraisers is productivity: the ability to provide the best and most timely valuation product to a diverse group of clients.  When we’re more productive we can also out-service everyone else.

This 51-year old has run about 36,000 miles, including 50 marathons. Fueled by coconut water, one of his entrepreneurial successes like his former jet company, ultra-marathons take significant focus and patience. Mr. Itzler has a reported $200 million net worth and is married to billionaire Spanks founder, Sara Blakely. Father of four, Jesse started out as a rapper, turned entrepreneur-mental toughness junkie.

“Pressure is a privilege; it weeds everybody out.” He seeks out challenging mentors, like when he invited an intense Navy Seal stranger to live with his family. He then wrote, Living With a Seal: 31 Days Training With the Toughest Man on the Planet.

What resonated with me was, “I am where my feet are”, to be in the moment. This might’ve been a lesson from his book, Living with the Monks: What Turning Off My Phone Taught Me about Happiness, Gratitude, and Focus.

He says self-doubt is the No. 1 thing that stops us from doing things differently. Noting that lasting change takes time, he suggests adding one new habit each month, one big goal per year. Every other month, do something very special. Remember tomorrow.