Optimistic appraisers do better

As a commercial appraiser, why are you so worried about reviews? Is it the fear of making mistakes?

If worrying has so many drawbacks, then why do you do it?

A pessimist describes the state of mind of someone who always expects the worst. A realist is a person who can look at things as they are and deal with it in a practical manner. The sweet spot for your appraisal firm is optimism with technology. Maximize the way you currently work now.  Get the custom tweaking that you need resulting in good outcomes. 

I started off my commercial appraisal career as a pessimist, then over the years, became a realist. Over time, I “realized” that being a realist wasn’t much better than being a pessimist. Today I’m an optimist, which took a lot of effort. I think being optimistic is so much more productive

Worry interferes with problem-solving 

Appraisers always try to do a good job. They feel bad if a reviewer sends back valid questions. They’re embarrassed to let down their client. If the mistakes came from younger appraisers it doesn’t matter; you have to own up. As the firm owner, you’re the leader and need to take responsibility. That said, the appraisal volume is becoming excessive with the appraiser shortage. Something has to give. 

Supported technology can lessen the worry 

Appraisers chronically worry about consistency of report product, trying to avoid big mistakes. It’s one reason appraisers don’t bring on trainees. The ramp up time is long and the result is unknown. Many of us go at it alone (or a limited staff). As a result, many appraisal firm owners are fatigued. Tired of the admin. They need help, they need to automate, they need technology.  

8 Reasons to be an optimist 

  1. Anticipation should be a welcome expectation as you approach your work week.  
  1. Certainty that your tools (DataComp – comp database and Edge – report writing) work the way you do.  
  1. Confidence that your expectations has been communicated to your staff.  
  1. Elation to easily track all work in progress with Manager – appraisal workflow.  
  1. Enthusiasm that the drudgery has been replaced with automation.  
  1. Expectations to improving the quality of your appraisal product.  
  1. Happiness of enjoying your job a lot more.  
  1. Trust that your appraisal firm is headed in the right direction.  

There’s a reason Disney doesn’t have mosquitoes 

With thousands of acres in hot Central Florida, how does Disney do it? The magic is…flowing water. In your appraisal firm, what’s the one magic thing that’s really important for you to keep away your “mosquitoes?”  

Usually at the center of quality control is report writing. The ability to create a consistent report regardless of who wrote it in your office. Missing deadlines? That’s also facilitated with automation.  

Pessimism is anger without enthusiasm 

Anger can be a good motivator to change things. Are you at a point thinking, “There’s gotta be a better way.” Manually copying and pasting your reports from old Word docs creates exhaustion for the appraiser and internal reviewer. Using an Excel file as a job log does not provide any visibility. Get a clear picture of your firm’s performance. Find a software company that wants you to succeed.  

Be an optimist. Your appraisers (and clients) will thank you for it. Do better.