We Help Commercial
Appraisers Be More Productive.

We’re Commercial Appraisers, So We
Understand Your Day-to-Day Challenges.

We’re Commercial Appraisers, So We Understand Your Day-to-Day Challenges.

Use DataComp Suite software to track your commercial comps, automate appraisal report writing and manage your office’s workflow.

You've retyped your last comp.

Stop looking for comps in old appraisals and reconfirming the same comps over and over.​

Commercial appraisers get bogged down in details. Replace your tedious manual processes with DataComp’s powerful tools.

The #1 Commercial Comp Software Trusted By 5,000+ Commercial Appraisal Firms.

Cut back your work hours by about 50% when using DataComp Suite.

Time is money. Your hourly gross production will increase substantially, making your day-to-day work less tedious. Move away from the manual process.

Calculate your own appraiser opportunity here.

Report writing that’s 100% your format.

Typing over old reports creates an exhaustive journey of copy & paste. Old reports have previous subject data that sometimes is missed, generating potential mistakes. External reviewers often catch these errors, making you revise the report after delivery and dings your firm’s reputation by your bank clients.

Reduce your worry of report errors and inconsistencies. Feel confident that your reports will look exactly the way they do now without the errors.

The most popular comp database for commercial appraisers in the US.

Giving appraisers a function-rich, powerful platform for confirming, analyzing and retrieving commercial real estate transactions.

Print directly to your Excel adjustment girds, full comp write-ups in Word and create Google comp maps.

Report writing without having
to learn new software.

Drop keywords to automate your current report format. You choose how to best link the Excel input to the Word output.

Edge has no macros. So don’t worry that Microsoft updates will break your templates. When you click merge, the entire report flows directly into your reports. Leverage your appraiser’s efforts by sharing common data in an in-house library of your design.

Bid effectively, track all bid details and keep track of all jobs in-process.

Simplify the flow of information between the firm owner, your appraisers and if needed, your bookkeeper. Take control of due dates. Help your internal reviewers better calendar their review load. Generate appraiser production reports, bid to engagement capture rates and work in-progress metrics.

Feel good knowing the status of all your reports. Manager also becomes your job log.

We Securely Host Your Data in Microsoft Azure

Remove the stress of having to maintain your servers      on-premises.

Improve Your
Appraisal Delivery

Commercial Evaluation
Report Template

Commercial evaluations that comply with USPAP.

Eval format that your department and fee appraisers can use right now.

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