Appraisal Suite

How would it feel to get the comps you need, automate your reports and manage your office with workflow?

Transform your efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, and automate the busy work so that you can focus on what's truly important: the valuation.

Appraisers have to collect, analyze and consider lots of valuation details: numerous property types, neighborhood descriptions, highest and best use, zoning, valuation issues, and hundreds of other nuances. In short, they need tools that help them get to the finish line of a completed report.

DataComp Suite empowers appraisers to do more with their technology. It simplifies the process of creating comps, automating their reports with fewer mistakes, and meeting due dates. With DataComp Suite, it’s never been easier to bring the office along no matter where the job takes you.

A Comprehensive Toolkit for Professional Appraisers and Firms

DataComp Appraisal Suite features three innovative tools that can revolutionize every aspect of the way you operate:


Google integration


Fully customizeable




Your data is yours

Store, analyze, and report on commercial real estate transactions.

DataComp is designed by appraisers for appraisers. Track all your land, improved, and rent comps. Best of all, it offers a minimal learning curve so that you can hit the ground running.

Takes the heavy lifting out of completing appraisals.

Edge is a cloud-based or on-premises report-writing application that takes the heavy lifting out of writing appraisal reports. Using Excel input and Word output you create reports that look 100% the way they do now. No canned reports. In many instances, reduce your quoted delivery from 3-4 weeks to 2-3 weeks. Move away from the exhaustive copy/paste work typing over old Word docs. No more wasting hours plowing through your reports looking for mistakes and inconsistencies!


Report consistency achieved


Integration with DataComp


100% your format


No MS updates or macro problems


Immediately notify your appraisers of new assignments


Measure your revenue performance


View of all work in progress


Reports no longer fall through the cracks

Simplify the flow of information with your appraisers.

Manager is a workflow app that lets commercial appraisal firm owners centrally monitor, track, and log all of their appraisals. It gives you the profound insights you need to understand how your firm functions, understand bidding trends, monitor your appraiser’s productivity, and track production metrics. No longer manage your office with just an Excel spreadsheet. Manager is a game-changer.

DataComp Suite, Edge, and Manager Comparative Features

Get back more time for the valuation

Built and Backed By a Team That Knows What Appraisals Take

Jeff Hicks, MAI, and Brenda Dohring Hicks, MAI, developed DataComp Suite to leverage their first-hand knowledge of commercial real estate valuation.

With a strong focus on customer success, we’ve spent years refining our tools to make them easier to use. We’ve also invested heavily in listening to your feedback to overcome the common frustrations that many appraisal firm owners face.

Want to learn more about how DataComp Suite can redefine the way you operate? Try a demo to get started, or reach out to learn more.

Generate Appraisals Quicker With Fewer Mistakes

Appraisers are nothing if not detail-oriented. Their work demands they cultivate a deep-seated appreciation for nuance, and this translates to the way they run their businesses. If you’re like most, you know how you prefer to work best, and you don’t have time for tools that ask you to shift your habits instead of accommodating them.

With DataComp Suite, we set out to create something that works for you while rewarding your investment. Our applications are customizable, so your reports look exactly the way they do now. Your appraisers won’t miss a step on their production as they leverage technology.

Thanks to features like intuitive drag-and-drop photos, Google integration, custom Excel and Word outputs, central management oversight of ongoing reports, and a single dashboard of all work in progress. You no longer have to shift gears every time you take on new assignments – Everything just works.

The #1 Commercial Comp Software Trusted
By 5,000+ Commercial Appraisal Firms.

Improve Your
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