Year of opportunity or 12 calendar months?

Are we tethered to our existing knowledge or do we really want to learn and implement new stuff? It’s best to not be like that kid in high school, physically present but mentally absent. No bueno. Does your appraisal firm need a Lazarus miracle or small tweaks? Efficiency and profit takes investment of your time and money. It involves leadership. Your attitude towards productivity in your appraisal profession is everything.

Personal goals often include health, meaningful work and happy family. Professional desirables include efficiency (and reducing costs), profit (and growth) and creating a legacy. Let’s start with health. It’s easy and it’s really hard. Over 70 million Americans are obese, split evenly by gender. Is this the year to take on the weight challenge? Do you need a coach, accountability buddy or action plan?

Meaningful work is largely innate. Ask yourself, do you enjoy being a commercial real estate appraiser? If your response isn’t immediately positive, then pause and ask yourself why? For many, it’s the lack of internal processes and technology that result in long hours, duplicative work and appraiser fatigue. Productivity creates a fun, more entrepreneurial environment, providing traction to creating a legacy. An office lacking software, systems and automation will have little street value, in some instances, just your accounts receivable.

Last year, did you experience office meetings that generated a lot of excitement, but got side-tracked and never implemented? Just like Shakespeare’s humorous play, Much Ado About Nothing, this blog could be one of those things. Not really important. But if you’re reading this, odds are you’re the kind of person looking to improve your game. The key is to ask yourself questions. Lots of them. Don’t frame them as resolutions. That’s a mental dead-end for most.

Health, meaningful work, happy family, efficiency, profit and creating a legacy are all awesome ideas for the new year. Feeling over-whelmed? Then pick one. If you take on one goal in earnest, I guarantee some of the other goals will be achieved by proxy through your self-improvement attitude. Only you can answer your own questions. Happy family is not much ado about nothing. It’s everything. Do you see 2020 as a year of opportunity personally and professionally, or just another 12 calendar months? It’s your time.

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