Get back JoJo

Change is very uncomfortable, particularly when we don’t initiate it. Thrust into working from home has exacerbated existing issues and created new ones. I can’t help think there’s an underlying current of uneasiness, agitation. That said, my Spidey-sense suggests that there will be a significant long-term upside. Perhaps for some, learning how to live in the moment, awareness of others’ needs, gratitude and perhaps the hardest of all, patience.

One of meanings of the Beatles song Get Back  was meant to return to their roots, playing new songs for a live audience without any fancy studio editing. Our work ethic as commercial valuation professionals is still there, it just might need to be re-energized. Wake up, fall out of bed, drag a comb across your head, find your way downstairs and drink a cup. Find your coat, grab your hat. Make the bus in seconds flat.

Good leadership provides a plan and communicates to staff. That second part is important. Communicating and letting your people know what you’re thinking. Even if your solutions aren’t very definitive at this moment, let them know it’s a work in progress. You don’t have all the answers. Ask for their input. Let them know that you’re on it. Working hard to create continuity of revenue, continuity of career, continuity of confidence.

Unrelated to the current health crisis, a friend of mine is in litigation that may cause the failure of his construction company due to significant stress on his cash flow. He did not let it be. He reacted. He pivoted. He took the advice of his uncle, “use what you have.” After a few months of planning, with a little help from his friends (investors), he created a second service-based company that went back to his expertise roots. He went back to where his company originally started.

Get back to basics. At work. At home. Get back to your personal health. Work out, physically sweat. This might be the single most productive thing you can do. For you, and the people that rely on you, your family and the office. When it comes to your commercial appraisal firm, listen to Paul, John, Ringo and George, “Get back, get back, get back to where you once belonged.” It may be a long and winding road, but use what you have. We can work it out. Get back JoJo.

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