My opponent is my laziness

As I was jogging one afternoon on a steamy August day, a guy yelled out, “It’s a lot harder than the 1980s.” Not sure if the guy knew me from back in the day or just guessing my age. But he was right. Running in 98 degree heat is a lot harder now than the Seinfeld era. It got me thinking about mindset.

Marie Kondo your office and throw away the old (including your mindset). Does appraising spark joy? If not, time to evaluate why. It might be old technology. Having any Windows 7 PCs is a huge symptomatic red flag. Other warning signs: Half-hearted implemented appraisal report writing. Inconsistent use of a shared comp database. Lack of any automated workflow and scheduling.

Commercial fee appraisers, as a group, have not embraced new business models. To be fair, a few have and their client-first approach has paid off. They spend money and time on marketing and sales. They spend a lot of money on technology. They understand effort = business sustainability. They have identified their processes, demand full engagement from their team, plan for new processes, put people on the right bus to implement specific initiatives.

72 year-old Grandmaster Frank Lee has excellent mindset quotes. My favorite, “my opponent is my laziness.” Other gems, “The mind controls the body.” “Anybody born that way, no.” “Build them up, train.”

Grandmaster Lee’s Tips to Win Your Health

  1. Mindset “I am 72, I am like a young man.”
  2. Use Tour Tools “Exercise the human body.”
  3. Compound Interest “The more you use your muscles the more you get stronger.”
  4. Consistency “Work out every day.”
  5. Reboot “Sometimes I’m tired, so I take it easy.”

Kaizen is the philosophy and science of (CANI) constant and never ending improvement. The idea of ongoing betterment or refinement. The concept is nothing is ever finished, or declared perfect. There’s always room for improvement. Kaizen is two Japanese words that mean change and good.

Muda is the Japanese word for waste. Identify and eliminate process bottlenecks. Avoid rework like re-typing the same comps or not sharing market research data internally. Consider iterative process tempo testing to help get traction in your office. Talk a lot amongst your staff. Suggest a minimum of three (productively pre-planned) weekly Zoom calls with EVERYONE in your office, no exceptions.

Evaluate your mindset for good change. Is it time to retire? Throw in the towel? Give up? Or, get excited? Find new purpose. Beat your opponent by embracing a new mindset regardless of your physical age. If appraising has lost its joy, consider a new gig or consider Kaizen. Who’s your opponent?

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