Why people laugh at our HP12C

What’s in your stack? 

I feel dumb it took me years to realize to have a successful firm; you need to train your people and provide them tools. Those two things are missing for many appraisal firms.  

We’re too “busy” to do anything differently 

Right now, appraisal volume is heavy. However, there’s always an anxious feeling in our industry of not enough work. That lack of confidence, concern and anxiety can be relieved through sales and marketing.  

Always worried about work volume 

The term “stack” is most often use with a software stack, components needed to create a complete platform. But the word stack can also be applied to tools to best operate your appraisal firm.  

Buying a bunch of software doesn’t solve the business success equation by itself. DataComp Suite as a comp database, report writing and appraisal workflow are the basics. Your goal should be a mind shift change from TACTICAL >>> STRATEGIC. From SCARCITY >>> GROWTH mindset.  

Don’t expect your employees to magically read your mind and start implementing software. It will go nowhere without leadership

“Stack is less about software tools and ALL about your processes.” 
Jeff Hicks 

No. 1 Concern: Appraisal fees.  
No. 2 Concern: Depth and consistency of work volume.  

The best way to address those two concerns. Yes, you know where I’m going.   

Sales and marketing supported by technology. 

Sales and marketing are not dirty words 

Sales, when done correctly, creates loyalty and trust between your customer and the business. Marketing nurtures those relationships. Like most businesses, appraising is based on relationships.  

People power, Streisand was right 

To make it easier to navigate the various solutions, focus on collaboration and communication. Use Microsoft Teams and Trello. It will REALLY improve collaboration in your office.  

What you want is your people to generate new ideas to better market, sell, create and distribute your appraisal product.  

Experience what is FEELS like to have happy appraisers. Experience happy clients. Create a process plan, work the plan. 

What’s in your stack?