Rate your appraisal firm

Do you have enough resources to do your job? 

Talk to any appraisal firm owner and you will hear about struggling to meet deadlines, reduce external reviews and always, “get the number right.” Some are worried about quality control from less experienced staff appraisers. 

Central to your firm’s productivity is your appraisal creation supporting software. How many points do you get? 

Anyone keeping score? 

What does a score of 25 or less mean? It might result in these frustrations. 

  1. “Why do I have to fix the same typos in the same comps from report to report? Let’s fix it ONCE.” 
  1. “When I review my appraisers reports, I wonder what old report they’re typing over.” 
  1. “The lack of report consistency from my firm is a huge frustration for me.” 

Your tools set the tone of your firm’s productivity  

What about a perfect score of 50? (hint: these are actual DataComp Suite client quotes) 

  1. “DataComp has a short learning curve and provides instant organization, easy sharing and great search ability for every kind of comp data.” Robert Gagliano, MAI, CRE, Gagliano Appraisal, LLC 
  1. “We have been using Edge since 2011. Our productivity has increased over 40%.” W. Shaun Wilkins, MAI, CCIM, Miller Wilkins 
  1. “Manager has become our office lifeblood in terms of monitoring and tracking production workflow. It has also improved our teamwork coordination.” Taylor Vandever, JD, MAI, The CRV Group, Inc. 

How do you set the right priorities and keep the helicopter view as the appraisal firm owner? 

Does your team give you signals that things are not going well? From processes that are not running well, appraisals taking 4-6 weeks to complete, to comp, report writing and lack of workflow model that’s broken or not as it should be. 

As the leader, how do you keep an overview and set the right priorities for what needs to be done? 

Are you always focusing short-term fire-fighting and therefore never get around to making fundamental changes in the long term? 

Time to go back to the office 

Because you work remote, your team might not feel heard and seen. And they may have the feeling of being up against a wall. 

There will always be broken stuff or areas to improve AND not enough resources to do everything. So, what we need to learn and coach out teams is how to think strategically and prioritize against those strategies. 

Be accountable for the strategy and priorities. Push decisions and issues down to your department and remind them what YOUR vision is, strategy is for the quarter, the year and the next three years. Then coach them to make decisions that are aligned with them. 

Top 5 Appraisal Leadership Tips  

  1. Saying no is way more important than saying yes. 
  1. Sequencing the right projects IS success. 
  1. Just work on getting better quarter over quarter at planning, staying focused, prioritizing and building your leaders. 
  1. If you’re getting pulled into the fires, then you’re not leading properly. 
  1. Spend more time learning how to communicate the vision and strategy and with that put it on them to map their decisions and priorities out. 

A big waste of time is talking about things that are not NOW things out of context of other potential actions. 

Examine your quarterly game plan implementation to get a good pulse. 

What’s your score?