You’re closer now than you’ve ever been

Many of us have been creating and reviewing appraisals for years, if not decades.  

Are you close to the finish line of implementing report writing software that gives your appraisal firm a runner’s high? 

Runner’s high is a deeply relaxing state of euphoria, a sense of extreme joy or delight. Does your current appraisal software give you joy? Do you have appraisal productivity-specific software? 

A goal to consider is to significantly improve your productivity, moving your firm away from narrow profit margins to profitability. Just using Word and Excel to produce your appraisals can show itself in frustrations. This may look like inconsistent comp write-ups with typos, making the same edits over and over, old subject data left in the report, etc. 

Word/Excel by itself is not the solution 

Back in the day, appraisal specific software wasn’t really available. Many of us started our appraisal career using Word and Excel, which is still true today. We designed Edge specifically for commercial appraisers in Word and Excel because you already know how to use it. Edge essentially integrates the two programs as if Microsoft did it. 

In my commercial appraisal firm, we use DataComp (comp database), Edge (report writing) and Manager (appraisal workflow app) daily. I consider it R&D for the software side of things to match what commercial appraisers do every day. Knowing the frustrations of creating appraisals helps us guide our clients to success.  

Manage like an athlete 

As the bidding increases, Manager is now a must-have. The ability to capture all the information at the bidding stage, including emails, conversations and documents is key. Manager allows you to see if you already appraised a property in seconds, allowing you to bid in seconds. Also, it becomes your “job log” allowing you to search for old jobs by property type, client, date and anything else you can think of. 

If a job becomes engaged, your appraisers will have access to all that information already captured. There’s an automated notification workflow that sends your appraiser an email and puts it on their web dashboard. This information will bring your appraiser up to speed quickly and avoid any embarrassing reaching out moment to the same contact twice. 

The lie we tell ourselves 

Many of us believe that in order to unlock success we have to take on a huge project. This elusive big project is somewhere off in the future. It’s not defined, no timeline to completion. Just a vague thought as to an arduous task that needs to be put off. Prepare to get ready, but don’t actually commit to anything. It’s a very normal feeling. You’re super busy. You’re swamped. 

Roadblocks to implementing appraisal report writing includes budget, resistance by your appraisers (especially the senior ones) and having the time to evaluate software. The truth is, it’s never a good time. We’re all busy, especially in the last few months with appraisal volume spikes. The appraisal shortage has actually started in earnest. Once you have a productivity mindset, budget isn’t an issue. Does it make sense to save $1 only to lose $50 in wasted labor.  

What’s the true cost of kicking the productivity can down the road? 

Journey to success can be applied to various things. It could be a weight loss journey, saving enough for a big travel budget or large acquisitions. I think we’re all too busy to take the opportunity to reflect on our thoughts and actions. 

I think the “A-HA” moment may come from realizing that the undefined huge project in the future will likely never be achieved. Instead, starting with daily simple actions done in repetition will result in getting way further ahead.  

Daily actions are boring. You don’t see results in the short term. That said, the daily actions are small bite-sized tasks that are easily achievable. A mindset change to interval training is a game changer. Doing something daily creates more predictable and powerful results than a 9-month journey. 

The secret = interval training 

I love the concept of interval training, introduced to me by Jeff Galloway, a marathon runner. I saw him speak at a running store giving motivational advice to older runners. One woman asked, “I’m trying to keep up with my younger friends, but end up injuring myself.” Jeff’s advice was, “Get new friends.”   

The point being Jeff doesn’t want you to get injured leading to hanging up your shoes. Interval training (run/walk) allows you to train injury free. I love four-minute runs, one-minute walk intervals. These resting breaks offer much less fatigue, time to recoup, allowing you to perform way better than running with no breaks. 

Unlock your success  

Start today to implement DataComp, the trusted industry standard of a commercial comp database, report writing and workflow. I can put you in touch with happy appraisers that are using our software.   

Move from the manual copy/paste to automation. Break down to small tasks. Pick one person inside your firm to be the “go to” trainer for the rest of the office. This person will become an invaluable resource for your company for years to come. This might be the big idea for transformation of your appraisal firm. 

Experience a runner’s high. 

You’re closer now than you’ve ever been.