Build your own house

What would you do differently if you were starting over with your bank?

Would you build your team, vendors and technology differently?

Do you still have passion for the valuation industry?

This is a tale rooted in Zen philosophy, offering insights into the pursuit of personal excellence.

Meticulous Work Ethic

Kota was an architect from Tokyo, renowned for his meticulous craftsmanship. Over the years, his dedication to crafting homes was unparalleled. However, the weight of years made him yearn for retirement, so he handed in his resignation.

Upon receiving it, his boss deeply valuing Kota’s work, made one last request. He wanted Kota to construct one final house for a very significant client, hoping for that unique Kota touch.

Waned enthusiasm

Although conflicted, Kota accepted. Yet, his enthusiasm had waned. He viewed this project as a mere duty and thus overlooked many intricate details that once defined his work. Four months later, the house stood complete, and Kota felt the relief of ending his chapter with the firm.

Informing his boss of the completion, he was handed a neatly wrapped small black box with a red ribbon. To his astonishment, inside were gleaming keys. His boss exclaimed, “This house is for you! You’ve earned it!”


The realization hit Kota hard. All along, while he had been hurriedly finishing the project, compromising on quality, he had unknowingly been constructing his own home.

Akita, the esteemed teacher in this narrative, offers wisdom: “Each of us is in the process of building our own house.”

At times, it may seem like you are building for your bank, your department, your team, your family, but in truth, you are always building your own house.

May you choose your actions wisely as you build.

Build the appraisal profession.

Build your appraisal department.

Build yourself.

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