Indispensable Appraisers

Our valuation industry is largely uninspired, lacks enthusiasm and faces diminishing relevancy.

I may be wrong, but I don’t think so.

I started a podcast. You might be thinking, “great, yet another podcast.”

You might be right. Podcasts don’t do anything. Plus, my speaking skills aren’t the best.

But we need to DO something. Start the conversation.

We’re here not to talk about the technical aspect of appraisals, but to bring back enthusiasm, connection and inspiration to the industry.

Indispensable Appraisers is all about elevating all (fee and bank) appraisers, sharing experiences, innovations, inspirations and insights that remind us why we fell in love with this profession.

Enthusiastic appraisers are more likely to communicate effectively, address client concerns and go the extra mile to meet their needs, ultimately making themselves indispensable in the eyes of their clients.

Whether you’re just starting your journey or have been in the business for decades, this podcast is your weekly dose of motivation and insight.


My goal is to discuss:

💥 The Importance of Passion in Valuation

💥 Entrepreneurial Inspired Ideas

💥 Rebranding Appraisers Value in the Marketplace

💥 Leadership Advancement Tips for Fee and Bank Appraisers

💥 Resources for Continuous Professional Development


Enthusiasm can be a competitive edge.

Enthusiasm is contagious and can breathe new life into the appraisal process.

When appraisers approach their tasks with enthusiasm, it increases:

  1. Happiness
  2. Impact to the bank’s c-suite
  3. Engagement to participate as a subject matter expert (SME)
  4. Energy to promote education and leadership
  5. Adoption of AI and other tech advancements


By embracing their roles with passion and dedication, appraisers can secure their position as vital contributors to the real estate industry’s ongoing success.

I welcome anyone in our valuation space who would like to join me in any discussion. Just call my cell 813-230-3798 or e-mail me

Let’s start this conversation.

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