Thank you for being a client

Our Realwired team just wrapped up our quarterly strategic meeting, asking the North Star question, “How do we make our Chief Appraiser clients look great with YouConnect?”

Our 2024 tech roadmap is loaded with client-requested new features. We listen to you.

Here’s what we hear from clients:

“You have to weigh what you have today and how it’s performing. If you don’t think it’s suited for your current or future needs, then you need to assess making that change.”

“We needed a system that we could customize to meet our bank’s needs and set ourselves up for future growth. YouConnect was the right move for our team and our bank.”

Our clients deserve recognition, not only for their trust in YouConnect by Realwired but also for overcoming significant hurdles to make this pivotal decision.

Some of the challenges they faced showed their commitment:

  1. Get everyone on board: In financial institutions, gaining buy-in from various stakeholders is a complex process. Chief Appraisers played a critical role in convincing decision-makers within their organizations that YouConnect was the right choice. Their ability to communicate the platform’s value and benefits was essential in securing approval.
  2. System of Record: By selecting YouConnect, these Chief Appraisers entrusted the platform to become their System of Record. This entails not only a technical shift but also a significant change in mindset. It reflects their commitment to maintaining accurate, up-to-date, secure and reliable records.
  3. Team Disruption: Switching from a legacy platform to YouConnect is no small feat. It often involves retraining staff and adapting to a new way of working. Chief Appraisers demonstrated their resilience in navigating these transitional challenges, ensuring their teams could embrace the new platform effectively.
  4. Risk Assessment: Transitioning to a new platform always carries inherent risks. Chief Appraisers had to assess the potential risks of adopting YouConnect, including data migration, system integration and staff adaptation. Their willingness to address these risks head-on demonstrated their dedication to enhancing their appraisal processes.
  5. Legacy Platform to YouConnect: Moving away from a legacy platform that has been a part of an organization for years is a substantial decision. Chief Appraisers recognized the need for change and exhibited courage by embracing the future of appraisal technology. Their forward-thinking approach positions their teams for long-term success.
  6. Fearful of Failure: The decision to switch to YouConnect was not taken lightly. Chief Appraisers understood the gravity of their choice and the potential consequences if it didn’t succeed. Their commitment to thorough research, due diligence and selecting a trusted partner like Realwired demonstrated their commitment to mitigating these risks.

Foundation for Future Growth

I want to thank our clients for the importance of embracing change, transitioning from legacy systems, as it took calculated risks to position their organizations for success.

Their courage and forward-thinking approach set an example for the entire industry and we’re proud to have them as part of the Realwired community.

We’re invested in you and your success.

We’re also excited about our new LOS integration tool, Realwired’s Glances. It’s a game changer for your Relationship Managers (RMs) to easily integrate YouConnect with their loan origination software (LOS) like nCino, Abrigo and Salesforce.

Thank you.

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