Trust Me, I’m an Appraiser

Trusting an appraiser means trusting in the integrity of the real estate market.

Trust is the cornerstone of the appraisal profession. How would the stakeholders rate us?

Reputation is everything for fee and bank appraisers.

Trust is the new currency.

Appraisals are a precision product.

Impartiality and adherence to professional standards is our special power.

The absence of trust could lead to disputes, legal challenges and financial inaccuracies.

Trust isn’t just a nice-to-have feature; it’s a fundamental necessity.

It’s not just a matter of ethics; it’s a strategic imperative.

The winners are those that actively foster a culture that underscores ethical practices and transparency.


Promoting trust is a double whammy.

  1. Uplifts your own reputation.
  2. Contributes positively to the public perception of the appraisal profession.



U – Understanding

S – Sincerity

P – Professionalism

A – Accountability

P – Promise


The “T” word also facilitates better communication and understanding.

Trust is consistency played out day after day, regardless of the mood, opportunity, or circumstance.

A trust-centric culture leads to a more engaged and committed workforce.

Building trust within your appraisal team is just as important as earning the trust of clients.

When appraisers trust each other’s abilities and work collaboratively, it enhances productivity and overall performance.

Trust from external stakeholders, like regulatory bodies, clients, and the public, is crucial.

Believe in creating environments where honesty and integrity are not just expected but are celebrated.

Build a trust-centric culture.

This aligns with the idea that successful organizations are those where people feel safe and trusted, allowing them to thrive and innovate.

A commitment to honesty and expertise wins all day, every day.

Trust me, I’m an appraiser.

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