Opinions I regret

I’ve had so many opinions that I’ve lived to regret.

I’ve had opinions about appraising, software developers, coaching, productivity, chief appraisers, personal growth, therapy, AI, spirituality, sales, fee appraisers, weightlifting, education, marketing, running, marriage, reviewers, martial arts and a long list of random opinions, too many to mention.

Opinions that have prevented me from achieving my goals. From serving people.

Opinions that have prevented me from taking advantage of the opportunity.

Opinions are just beliefs backed by judgment. Judging something to be good or bad.

What opinions are we clinging to today that we’ll regret tomorrow?

Every single one I’ve lived to regret.

Awareness – Catalyst for Change

Every single one I’ve come to realize that every one of those things had something to offer.

Whether or not my opinion had a grain of truth to it or not was completely irrelevant.

What was relevant was that my opinion kept me from getting the benefits I could’ve gotten.

The Limitation of Stagnation

When we hold onto opinions rigidly, without reevaluating them in light of new experiences and knowledge, we run the risk of becoming stagnant. This stagnation is not just intellectual; it can impact every aspect of our lives. From our relationships to our careers, to our personal growth, an unwillingness to reassess our viewpoints can inhibit our potential in countless ways.

The Fluidity of Growth

Opinions give our lives flavor, guide our actions and provide a framework for understanding the world. However, it’s essential to recognize that growth requires fluidity. Being open to changing our minds, based on new evidence, experiences, or insights, allows us to tap into a more profound potential within ourselves.

Our valuation industry desperately needs new opinions. New ideas. A different way of thinking about how we deliver our product, attract and train new professionals and a rebranding of what it means to be valuation professionals.

We need a huge shot of adrenaline, bringing purpose, excitement and meaning back into our art. We’re collectively stuck in rinse and repeat. Somewhere along the way, we lost enthusiasm.

Ask yourself, “What opinions am I holding onto right now that I’ll kick myself for in the future?”

Recognizing those opinions that don’t serve us anymore is the first step to unleashing our true potential.

What do you think if we do this together? What if we challenge ourselves to let go of those limiting opinions and open ourselves up to a world of opportunities and growth? Are opinions just roadblocks on the way to greatness?

I’d like your opinion.

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