Enthusiasm, don’t curb it

What’s the No. 1 attitude most beneficial for real estate valuation professionals?


The result? More fulfilling personal and professional life and 10x increase in productivity.

We’ve all experienced the difficulty staying motivated at work. Whether a fee or bank appraiser, burn out can creep in. Negative attitude can take hold. Zapping the fun out of your profession and making it feel more like a job.

How to 10x Productivity

  1. Committed

Invest time expanding your leadership knowledge (other than valuation education) regardless of the source (step outside the usual sources like AI or RMA).

  1. Servant leadership

Lose the ego at the door, authentically ask your employees how you can make their job better.

  1. High energy

This feels a little odd for some appraisers, but low energy results in lethargy leading to low output.

  1.  Planning and organization

No stated goal and metrics leads to random work and limited strategic success.

  1. Coaching vs. consulting

Truly care about your employees and fee panel, talk but listen more.

  1. Capable of modern technology

Your people need software and process to do their job effectively, consider DataComp Suite and YouConnect.

  1. Willing to meet in person

It’s easy to lose connection with your employees, clients and fee panel, make the effort to break bread.

  1. Facilitation vs. training

Leadership involves training but also asking what employees think for more engaged team members who own the results.

  1. Humility

This type of leader is more approachable, forgiving of mistakes, and willing to acknowledge others’ work.

  1. Lighthouse vs. Tugboat

Share your wisdom freely and often, avoid micromanagement.

The 3 E’s to success

  • Energy
  • Emotion
  • Eagerness

Espresso Yourself

Be open and transparent with your team. Sample question, “Did I interpret any of these things differently than you intended?” Generate buy-in and ask for feedback in earnest, “Is there anything you’d like to add?”

Eagerness to be Involved

Getting some appraisers to implement technology can be frustrating. There is an established resistant attitude. There’s an unconscious rule of thumb that the “older” appraisers don’t want/can’t learn new things. Expect energy from yourself and your people.

Re-engage and re-energize your employees.

Be grateful for your valuation career.

Don’t curb your enthusiasm.

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